MIXED MILLET VERMICELLI (180 to 190g approx)


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Millet Semiya, Millet Vermicelli or Millet Sevai is a welcomed surprise that combines the goodness of Organic Millets like Varagu, thinai, saamai, kuthiraivaali, Samba Wheat and soul-soothing flavors all in just one bite!!?


Varagu, Thinai, Saamai, Kuthiraivaali, Samba Wheat, Whole Wheat & Water.


✅ Soak Vermicelli in cold water for 1 minute(not more than 1 minute) and drain the water.

✅ Steam cook the soaked Vermicelli in idly pan or puttu maker for 3 minutes.

✅ Fry mustard, urad dal, onion, green chillies in 2tsp of oil.

✅ Add steamed Vermicelli, grated coconut, salt to taste and mix well.

✅ Serve hot with natural sweeteners or chutney as per your wish.

✅ This Vermicelli can also be used for making sweet sevai, pulao and kheer (payasam).

Now Healthy Breakfast/Dinner is now guaranteed with our healthy range of Vermicelli!!?

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