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(8 Months+ to People of all age groups)

Dunking a crisp cookie till it turns gooey in a hot cup of tea or milk is of the simplest pleasures in life.We believe so. But we often end up chomping on way too many cookies and then having to face the weighing scale tipping on the wrong side.If only cookies could sneak in some nutrition along with the delightful taste,You’d be happy to know that they can, and we’ll show you how, when we talk about cookies – a rich, buttery bite loaded with chocolate chips comes to our mind.

But who says, a cookie can’t be tweaked to become healthy?😊

They can be packed with fiber, with nutritious grains, and have healthy sugar alternatives – there’s so much that you can do to make a difference.So here, we are introducing such healthy homemade cookies❤️


✅Foxtail millet/Thinai flour

✅Sprouted Ragi flour

✅Sprouted Kambu flour

✅Kodo millet/Varagu flour

✅Little millet/Saamai flour

✅Foxtail millet/Thinai flour

✅Whole wheat flour

✅Homemade Ghee

✅Naatu chakkarai

Order now & munch on these Yummy & Healthy Mixed Millet Cookies!!😊❤️

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