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Why Black Rice is Good for Your Health?

Black rice is very good for your health because it is not refined or processed. Hence, it can retain its fiber content and all nutrients and minerals as it is. It is a healthy alternative for the white rice that we consume daily.


✅Black rice is rich in anti-oxidants.

✅It is a natural detoxifier.

✅It a good source of fiber.

✅It fights and cures diabetes.

✅It also prevents the risk of obesity.

✅It promotes good heart health.

Why it is a healthy snacking option?

Healthy snacking is something which we always droop upon. Black rice quick bites are those which will help you balance your food cravings!! Many of us are not used to eating black rice on a daily basis, but it can be consumed either as a porridge or as quick bites. It has numerous health benefits and suits almost all age groups.

✅Made with organic and handpicked ingredients.

✅Prepared using Cold-pressed/Marachekku Groundnut oil and oil is not reused.

✅A quick and healthy evening snack for kids and for people of all age groups.


✅Black rice

✅Pure cold-pressed groundnut oil

✅Mappillai Samba rice

✅Fried grams

✅Rock Salt


Try our Black Rice/Karuppu Kavuni Rice Murukku made with the goodness of black rice and maapillai samba rice loaded with nutrients!!

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Weight 100 g


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