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Presava legium (பிரசவ லேகியம்) or post Partum Herbal Jam is the best traditional health supplement for every women after delivery, to strengthen the uterus, to heal the internal wounds, to improve lactation and for boosting the digestive system.While speaking of pregnancy one often always thinks of those nine-months during which a mother’s diet is very important. The phase that follows is often neglected from the discourse. Turns out that the new mother is almost as vulnerable, just as when she was expecting and requires good care and a wholesome diet. Traditionally in India, new mothers are offered certain foods during the first forty days after childbirth to gain strength and nourishment, and one such Elixir of Health is THE PRESAVA LEGIYAM also called as POST PARTUM HERBAL PASTE.Post pregnancy diet plays an important role in motherhood and the baby’s growth and development.This Herbal Mix is believed to speed up recovery and provide the mother with vital nutrients to regain her strength after delivering a child. It is a common tradition for mothers, mother in-laws or grand-mothers to make this at home. Today in this modern world many of us has started skipping this kind of traditional goodness due to lack of time. To prioritize your health we at Farm 2 Home has come up with this PURE HOMEMADE 50 IN 1 PRESAVA LEGIUM / POST PARTUM HERBAL JAM with the goodness of 50 handpicked finest quality Herbs & Spices which is completely handmade in traditional method with the goodness of Panangkarupatti, home made ghee, Raw Unprocessed Honey and free from preservatives and other additives.


✅Karuppu milagu
✅Jaadhi Pathiri
✅ Vaivilangam
✅Vellai Milagu
✅Vellai Vettiver
✅Nerunji Vidhai
✅Vepal Arisi
✅Saranai Ver
✅Nayam Yelari
✅Thettan Kottai,
✅Ular thiratchai
✅Malli vidhai
✅Paal kaayam
✅Korai kizhangu
✅Panai Karuppati
✅Pasu Nei
✅Raw Honey


✅Consume 1 teaspoon of this legium 15 minutes after food, twice a day followed by a cup of warm water.

✅It can also be mixed with warm milk/water if needed.


✅This legiyam should be eaten for a period of three months (90 days) post partum.

✅It will help in the healing of surgical wounds and other internal wounds.

✅Helps to increase production of milk, helps in proper digestion and smooths the bowel movements.

✅Give relief from constipation, help in contraction of uterus & enhance excretion of waste.

✅Boosts immunity, relieve body pain and tiredness etc.

✅Can be consumed by everyone as a health revitalizing supplement. A tsp per day enhances our overall health and keep diseases at bay.

So, Why wait after knowing the miraculous health benefits of this Legium. Order this homemade goodness now and experience a quick healing and good health post partum!!❤️

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