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BABY KAJAL ( New born babies to people of all age groups)❤

Worried about what kajal you use on your babies?Here is our organic baby kajal, which will be soothing to your babies’ eyes. Organic baby kajal ensures that it stays on as expected. The resilient formula makes it an ideal organic kajal for a baby without any smudging. Organic baby kajal gives you an extreme black finish with all-natural and safe ingredients.


✅Almond oil
✅Castor oil
✅Pure Ghee
✅Vitamin E

Yes, Our Kajal is Safe on Your Eyes!❤️Any basic makeup will have kajal on the primary list!Kajal just doesn’t add beauty to your eyes but builds confidence!Your eyes being the most sensitive part of the body, ensure you don’t use any harmful chemicals on them!!

Don’t miss to try our kajal that is made without any chemicals in a completely natural way and in fresh batches!!❤️

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Weight 5 g


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