NATURAL BABY POWDER – TALC FREE (New Born Babies to All age groups) (100g)

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New born babies to people of all age groups

There are many natural and safe ways to prevent diaper rashes in infants and young children. Instead of relying on commercial products to use on your baby’s skin, lets go natural and this home made powder will help reduce inflammation and skin irritation without putting your baby at risk!!

We are very happy to introduce this 100% Natural & Safe Talc Free Baby Powder❤ free from preservatives, chemicals, parabens, talcum and artificial fragrance😊

After knowing the adverse effects of baby powder & talcum powder We completely stopped buying baby powders/talcum powders and We have been using this home made baby powder for our kids for several years now for diaper rashes, to ease bug bites and as body wrap powder. After knowing all the potential hazards of baby powder/talc powder we stopped using it for our little buds and went for natural solutions like Bentonite clay, arrow root powder, coconut oil etc for dealing with diaper rashes and other skin infections.


Arrow root powder, Bentonite Clay, Sandalwood powder.


✅Bentonite Clay is a wellness trend among people who are looking to detoxify their bodies and defend against illnesses.

✅When ingested into the body either in a drink form or by eating the clay, its vitamins and minerals are absorbed similarly to how a supplement would be.

✅So many people use it as a natural supplement since the clay is a natural source of important dietary nutrients, calcium, magnesium, silica, sodium, copper, iron & Potassium.

✅In that way, this Natural Baby Powder is 100% safe for everyone and even if u consume a spoon of this powder it’s not gonna cause any harm to you!!😊

Don’t miss to try this 100% Natural and Talc Free Baby Powder for your tiny tots & your entire family!!

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Weight 100 g


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