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Ever heard of a snack that promises health and exhibits an exciting play of health, flavour and colour on our plates?😍

The radiant beetroot and Black Urad have been identified as a superfood due to their immense nutritional value. According to health experts, regular consumption of beetroot and black urad can benefit our health in multiple ways. It’s low in calories and has an almost negligible fat content. Not only this, it helps reduce blood pressure, aids in the production of red blood cells and is a natural blood purifier. Beetroot is an excellent source of iron and is great for maintaining healthy haemoglobin levels. It has anti-ageing properties and assists in maintaining glowing skin and lustrous hair. It is also believed to inhibit cancer cell mutation, prevent DNA damage, boost metabolism and strengthen the digestive system. You will be delighted to know how we have turned the most versatile Beetroot and Black Urad into a superfood in the form of Guilt Free Baked Chips!!


Beetroot Puree, Black Urad Flour, Tapioca Flour, Amchur Powder, Sea Salt, Coldpressed Sunflower oil (Sprayed to infuse flavour), Spices & Condiments.


✅Free from MSG, Ajinomoto, Maida, Preservatives & additives.

✅Helps in Weight Loss and prevents obesity.

✅Low in calories and high in dietary fibre.

✅Controls Diabetes and blood pressure.

✅Good Source of Antioxidants.

✅Rich in nutrients and plant compounds.

✅Improves digestive & heart health.

So, Who doesn’t love a cup of tea? The scrumptious combination of a piping hot cup of tea along with delectable snacks makes for one of the most delicious treats in the world! A bite of crispy and fried snacks along with ‘Masala chai’ can bring a warm smile to almost everybody’s face. However, most of Indian snacks are deep-fried which can hamper one’s diet and cause many health-related issues. Hence, we have managed to bring the quintessential Indian snack with a healthy twist. Wondering how? Well, this snack is baked instead of deep-fried with the goodness of Beetroots, Black Urad and Tapioca!!

So, what are you waiting for? Order now and you will fall in love with it for sure !!😍😍

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